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Nate Bower Fitness

Boxcon 2.0 Series

Boxcon 2.0 Series

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The ultimate heavy bag boxing and conditioning workout, Boxcon 2.0 gets your body moving, heart pumping, and mind focused.

A high-energy workout series fusing boxing heavy bag combos with conditioning exercises, Boxcon 2.0 uses a proven interval format with one minute of fierce intensity, following by 30 seconds of rest.

Starting with Nate’s one-on-one warm-up routine, you will work the heavy bag using awesome boxing combos, pushing the limits of your body and mind before moving on to a conditioning exercise.

Developed by Nate, Boxcon 2.0 features three rounds in each workout, and four sets of one minute each per round. Two heavy bag and two conditioning sets per round are followed by a 30 second rest between sets. This is followed by a heavy bag set, 30 seconds of rest, and a conditioning set with 30 seconds of rest.

With 12 dynamic, power-packed sets, Boxcon 2.0 will get you the results you want!

Included in the package

  • PDF Program
  • 2 Boxcon 2.0 warm-ups
  • 8 action packed workouts
  • Round timer
  • Full voiceover
  • 30 boxing combinations
  • 30 conditioning exercises
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