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Competative Shadow Boxing Series

Competative Shadow Boxing Series

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Level up from the beginner series. 5 sessions with advanced foot work, combos, intensity and more!

Improving your shadow boxing takes dedication, motivation and consistent work. Having a coach or is pivotal to improving your boxing foundations ands skills. Performed alone or as a warm-up, shadow boxing is one of the most valuable exercises for all warriors.

Available in a five-part series, Nate’s Competitive Shadow Boxing downloads helps further improve speed and accuracy, perfect form and technique, and enhances confidence to get you in the winning mindset of a pro boxer. Now its your turn to shadow box and move like a competitive fighter.

Fast-paced and fun, shadow boxing is ideal for beginners and anyone who wants to improve punches, footwork, head and body movement, and more.

Using coach Nate’s combination call-outs, build your skills with Competitive Shadow Boxing

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